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Amp Tower Records :: 3 releases to download

Posted in Uncategorized on January 6, 2009 by coldstreamonline

Available to download for free – All 3 Amp Tower releases so far.

AMP001 :: Coldstream – C30

Using computers, guitars and field recordings amongst other sound sources, Coldstream presents 4 tracks of drones, and dark atmospheres


01. Learn
02. Search
03. Taken
04. Fia

Get it here:

AMP002 :: Mystified – Baseline

Pure dark shimmering drone, including a Coldstream remix


01. Man Machine Drone
02. Hertz Two Oh
03. Diesel
04. Uncertainty
05. Baseline
06. Strange Winds
07. Piskadear (Ctephin) (Mystified Remix)
08. Always Beginning
09. Polar Out
10. Polar Out (Coldstream Remix)

Get it here:

AMP003 :: S&M Combo – Untitled

This Cello/Synth noise outfit explore both the delicacy and raw power of simple systems. They are musically part Jonathan Harvey and part Whitehouse, or like a physics lecture gone astray.


01. A Gap
02. Undivided Attention
03. Session #9

Get it here:

Hope you enjoy